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Once the plugin and license is activated, Click on the "Viral Image Sharer" tab on the left side navigation in your wordpress. And here are the explanation of various settings.

Note: There are some settings that are applicable to the PRO version only, so if you are not using the PRO version, you may ignore them.

There are 3 tabs and we will go over them in detail

General Tab

Apply to Classes: This field allows you to specify css class or classes that you wish VIS to enable image sharing. If you specify this then the sharing icons will show up only on the images having this class.  You can enter multiple class names here, just use spacebar and enter the next name. Do not use dot (.) or any other symbol. eg. if you are planning to use a class .visapply then enter visapply 

By default all the images are enabled for sharing. 

Then, you need to make sure that the image on your blog where you wish to enable the sharing has this CSS class.

Ignore Classes: If you wish to have any specific image/s to be ignored by Viral Image Sharer enter the class name here and use the same class on the image/s.

Blur On Hover: Enabling this option will blur the image on mouse hover.

DropShadow On Social Icons: Enabling this option will apply a dropshadow effect on all the social icons. This may not be visible if you select black overlay background color.

Overlay Background: This option allows you to enable/disable the overlay color on the image on mouse hover, additionally (if you are using advanced version) you may select the color using the color picker.

Advance Appreance Animation: Select the animation of social icons appearance. 

Share Button Type: There are handful of social icon styles to choose from.

Orientation: This will allow you to set the social icons to appear horizontal or vertical.

Position: With this option combined with the Orientation, you can have a precise control over the positioning of the icon, such as top-left, center, bottom-right etc.

Social Tab

Twitter @via: Enter your twitter handle / username (not email), if you would liek to have all the tweets shared attributed with your username. eg. it will be suffix all the tweets with @yourid.. (do not use @ symbol)

Shere button: Simply click on the social icons that you would like to enable/disable for sharing.  You may go to General Tab to see the instant preview.

Thanks Popup

Whenever a user shares your image a small popup will be shown to the user, you may use this to thank them and additionally have them follow you on various social media sites.  

You may customize the title and the message and then enter the username/profile names of various social sites to enable those icons.

Uninstall Tab

Be very careful, when you are using this. If you enable this then all the data stored by "viral image sharer" will be removed upon deactivation and uninstallation of the plugin.

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